Sessay Community Hub Competition Entry
North Yorkshire

In 2014 the RIBA launched an international competition to create a village hall and cricket pavilion in the small village of Sessay, North Yorkshire. Our response to the brief focused on placemaking, creating a local hub for the community and a space where locals could meet, hold events, dine and watch the various sports that would take place on the site. 


Our proposal sought to create three forms connected by a plinth, derived from traditional Yorkshire cottage precedents. The bar and the pavilion sit together looking out over the cricket on either side whilst the village hall is rotated towards the main cricket pitch with the village beyond. On the far side, the hall opens up to an outside space of its own surrounded by a circle of trees.


As the field is prone to flooding the building is elevated with gently sloping banks on both sides. This extra height providing much-improved views of the cricket. The design aims for simplicity of form, beautifully detailed with the use of warm timber, locally sourced stone and glass creating bright, open and airy spaces connected to the outside.