Bridge SEN School Playdecks

The Bridge School is a specialist school for communication and interaction catering for pupils with autistic spectrum disorders, severe learning difficulties and profound and multiple learning difficulties. Open Practice were commissioned to transform the school's existing grey and uninspiring 'Playdecks' into places that are fun and stimulating whilst catering for children with very different sensory requirements. 


The brief was developed by working with staff and pupils. The design separates fast and slow play by the introduction of an undulating ‘timber field’ creating a landscape on which to sit & chat, feel textures, lie down, or listen to music protected from the bike riding and ball games that surround it. The gentle variation in angle and depth provides subtle physical challenges for kids with limited mobility. The space is tied together with brightly coloured lines and the upper playback is covered by a striped canopy made from three different densities of netting giving varied levels of shade while framing segments of the sky above.